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Underground Waste Container with Hydraulic Jack

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The underground waste container system with hydraulic jack allows municipalities to use the existing waste collection vehicles, allowing waste to be taken underground. The full-underground waste container system provides an environmentally friendly, aesthetic, and modern appearance as well as comfortable use.  Only the waste disposal chimney is visible above-ground, the main container is located underground.

The upper walking platform is made of teardrop-patterned sheet metal, which is strong enough to walk on easily. The underground container system with hydraulic jacks is manufactured in European Standards to be used for domestic waste and is designed for long-term use. Containers will be made of the 1.5 mm thick AISI 304 quality Chrome Nickel sheet with different chimney options as per order. Also, the optional remote control system can be added. One-piece poured concrete socket is reinforced with C35 quality, and water-proof concrete and ribbed rebar are used.

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